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The objective of Engineering India is to build a platform where students from the best of technological institutes, who are motivated towards social causes could come together to share their ideas, thought process and social work experiences on specific projects. Such platforms which has never previously been conceptualized carries with it a high social impact and an approach to connect with other premier institutes and likeminded student groups within the country. The common forum would catalyze the efforts to bring about a positive change in the society.

Abhyudaya '16

This year Abhyudaya’16 was organized as a tribute to Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam with the theme of “Effort never Dies”. The Inaugural Ceremony was conducted in the presence of Dr. Vijay Chauthaiwale as the Chief Guest, Shri. Hemant Chafale, President, Vidarbha Vaibhav & Shri. Rajesh Loya, Sangchalak, Nagpur Mahanagar, RSS as the Guest of Honours.

In the address by the distinguished guests, they urged the students to remember the following mantras:
1. Knowledge gaining is an internal process & one should never stop attaining it at any point of time in their life, even when they cease to exist as a student.
2. Three elements essential in a life of a student is: to strive for excellence, to rediscover oneself & lastly & the most important is to give back to the society by utilizing one’s knowledge to serve the society.

The Inaugural Ceremony was followed by various competitions & the following Workshops:
1. 'Engineering in Rural development' by Dr Vijay Honkalaskar, (BE,MTECH,PH.D,IIT Bombay)
2. 'Social Start Up' by Mr.Shashikant Chaudhary, MD, Global Logic

The List of Competitions & their winners is as under: Competition: Maan Ki baat
1 Balkrishna Sahu
2 Sania Parwez
3 Shubham Kurrewar
Consolation Prizes
1 Abhishek Barse
2 Kshitij Samankar
3 Ashutosh Rajput
4 Snehal Dhabe
5 Prashant Rangrajan

Competition: Book Review
1 Isha Vyas
2 Shrishti Kotangali
3 Faraz Siddique
Consolation Prizes
1 Shivani Wagh
2 Aniket Sahu
3 Nisha Jadahv
4 Diksha Wasnik
5 Puja Biradar

Competition: Graffiti
1 Rutuja Deshmukh
2 Shivani Lanjewar
3 Vaishnavi Raut and Nidhi
Consolation Prizes
1 Puja Karade and Rupali Dhodse
2 Shrutika Somkuwar and Shiavni Gan
3 Shraddha Ragure and Viral
4 Himalaya Wardikar
5 Sachin Jambhulkar and Rahul Kurve

Competition: Ultimate Technocrat
1 Prachi Dhoke
2 ShubhamPolke and Akshay
3 Vishal Mehta
Consolation Prizes
1 Kaustubh Deshmukh
2 Mayur Dhoke
3 Prasad Bhoyar
4 S. Akansha
5 Nikhil Dhomne

Competition: Power Point Presentation
1 Arushi Singh and Team
2 Rakhi Pund
3 Shreya Singh
Consolation Prizes
1 Rohan Sapate
2 Shekhar and Team
3 Revatii Wekhande
4 AvinashKumar
5 Bhairavi Mudholkar

The Concluding Ceremony was done in the presence of Shri. Hemant Chafale & Shri. Pankaj Kothari, who distributed Prizes to the winners.

Highlights of Abhyudaya’16
1. 5 innovative and unique events were organized this year.
2. Around 2000 students from 40 Engineering colleges participated in various events.
3. More than 40 Expert Professors were involved to judge various competitions.
4. The event was managed smoothly by a big team of 500+ Engineering India Coordinators.
5. Kavi – Katha & Pradarshni – Special glimpses was also organized as part of Abhyudaya’16.

Be a part of One Week for Nation, Each One Teach One, and ABHYUDAYA
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