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Engineering India: An Introduction

Engineering India is an initiative of Vidarbha Vaibhav , which provides a social platform for engineering students of Nagpur. Vidarbha Vaibhav, is a registered organization, which works to create an eco-system where the NGO’s operating in Rural Vidarbha are brought in contact with College Faculty, Students & Corporate. The idea is to connect the various stakeholders who share a common vision of development for the rural areas of Vidarbha. Engineering India strives for the active involvement of engineering student in the works of various NGOs through various activities like workshops, conference, industrial visits with the aim of Think Nationally Act Locally.


“Engineering India wants to develop social consciousness amongst young engineering students with a perspective to think nationally & act locally and with a view to contribute in nation building “.


“Our efforts will be dedicated selflessly to develop social consciousness amongst young engineering students through various campus oriented activities and providing social exposure by acting as link between NGOs and engineering students.”


  1. To promote active involvement of engineering students in various works of NGO.
  2. To organize lectures, seminars, workshops and industrial visits to enhance skills in students.
  3. To organize social interns in vacations to provide socio-technical exposure to the students.
  4. To promote awareness programs for rain water harvesting , renewable energy, green environment
  5. To strengthen NGOs by providing them technical guidelines and by working as a link between NGOs, society or government.
  6. To publish relevant reports, journals, newsletters etc. to achieve these objectives.
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Abhijit Pundlik

Mobile No: +91 9766404133

Ram Mohril

Mobile No: +91 8055596916

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